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Animal Control has partnered with Susan Edge Photography for the Adopt Me Program that encourages the citizens of Monroe County to adopt the furry friends of the animal shelter.

Impound Fees

Reclaim Dog $30.00
Holding Fee (per day) $5.00
Second Impoundment (same dog) – Holding Fee (per day) $10.00
Impound After Business Hours – Reclaim Fee $60.00
Second Impoundment (same dog) – Reclaim Fee $60.00

Further violations will be referred to Sheriff’s Office for violation ticket. Owner will have to show adequate containment availability before dog can be reclaimed and the Second Inpoundment fees will be charged.

Leash Law


All dogs living in Monroe County Georgia must be contained on their owner’s property at all times.  Any dog found on the Public Right-of-Way, on a complainant’s property, or caught in a live animal trap will be impounded.  Please see the link above to the Animal Control Ordinance for more information.  If your dog is impounded, you may reclaim it at the Monroe County Animal Control Shelter 157 L Cary Bittick Drive Forsyth, GA 31029 (478)994-7976.

Nuisance Dog

Animal Control is only licensed to pick up stray dogs, not your pet.  If you have a problem with a nuisance dog, call the Animal Control Office at (478) 994-7976. There are several options: the officer can pick up the dog, leave a trap in your yard, leave a notice with the owner of the nuisance dog or if the situation worsens a deputy can ticket the owner of the dog.

Dog Bite

When a dog bite occurs during business hours, call Animal Control.  Animal Control will then call the Health Department and one of their Environmental Health Specialists will come out and investigate the incident.  The Specialist will in turn call Animal Control and let them know if the dog can stay with the home owners for the 10 day quarantine period or if the Animal Control Officer needs to pick up the dog. When a dog bite takes place after hours, call 911.  The dispatcher will contact a deputy and the deputy will investigate.  Usually, but not always,  in this case the on duty Animal Control Officer will be contacted and will pick up the dog immediately.


Adoption fee is $30.00 and only covers part of the cost to pick up and house the dog. After adoption you will have 7 days for an adult dog and until the age of 6 months for a puppy to return the Rabies Vaccine Certificate for your adopted pet. Also after adoption you will have 30 days for Adult dogs and until 6 months of age for puppies to have your new pet Spayed or Neutered. The State of Georgia requires that all dogs adopted or rescued from shelters be spay or neutered within the time allowed and can fine the newly adoptive family up to $200 for refusing to sterilize the new pet. Please contact Animal Control at 478-994-7976 for more information.

Tick Spray Program

When and Where

  • We begin accepting applications on March 1st every year.
  • Mail in requests and payments must be received by April 1st.
  • For requests after April 1st, please contact the Monroe County Board of Commissioners Office at 478-994-7000 for deadline dates.

Forms Available:

  • Your local Recycle Center
  • County Commissioners Office

The Tick Sprayer sprays Rabon pesticide in a 50 foot radius around your home.  You will know the spray has been done when you see the small yellow flag either under your mailbox or in your yard near your driveway.  You will also notice a white film on the leaves of the trees and bushes in your yard. If you need further information, please contact the County Commissioners Office at 478-994-7000.