P. O. Box 189 | Forsyth, Georgia 31029 | (478) 256-9506

The Monroe County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the coordination of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts pertaining to major emergencies or disasters arising from natural or man-made causes. This is in accordance with State Statutes and Federal Laws. We provide a number of services important to community awareness and preparedness. Services include providing information to the public sector such as our citizens, businesses, industries, schools, hospitals, senior centers, disability centers and organizations to promote disaster planning. The agency has a full-time professional staff. EMA works with all the private and public schools to aid their emergency planning and exercising programs.

EMA will assist all local agencies in the development of their plans, exercising and training programs. The agency maintains a modern federally funded Emergency Operations Center that serves Monroe County. The EOC meets all FEMA requirements, as a dedicated Direction & Control Facility with communication, early detection and warning systems to protect our community.