Our Monroe County Zoning Ordinance has a list of permitted uses. When a Monroe County Citizen desires a request of something that is not listed on our permitted uses, we offer three (3) types of zoning procedures: Variance, Conditional Use or Rezoning.

All (3) processes consists of the following steps:

 $150.00 application fee that has to be filled out completely and signed by the property owner and the applicant.
 An ad will run in the paper for 2 weeks alerting the public of the application and the two (2) public hearings for this application.
 A Planning and Zoning sign will be placed on the property listed on the application.
 A letter will be sent out from the Planning and Zoning Office regarding what your application entails. It will be sent to the property owners home, applicants home and to everyone within 200’ of the property.
 You will be notified in the above mentioned letter of a Planning and Zoning Hearing that the applicant or property owner must be at to represent this application to the board. The Planning and Zoning Board will make a recommendation that will be considered at the Commissioners Meeting to follow.
 You will also be notified of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners Meeting that will follow the subsequent week. Someone will also need to be present for this hearing. The Board of Commissioners will make a final decision on the application while either approving or denying the application.
 If the application is approved, the Chairman of the Board will sign the application and you will be notified as to when you can pick it up. After you have your approval you can start your request with your Zoning Compliance Fee waived due to the application fee of $150.00 that was paid at the beginning of this process. This process has to take place within six (6) months otherwise it is considered null and the property will go back to the original purpose.
 If your application is denied there is a twelve (12) month period from the date of final denial before an application can be submitted again for this property. If you want to submit an appeal this appeal must be handwritten and submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of final disapproval.
Please do not hesitate to ask the Monroe County Clerk/Manager/Planning and Zoning Officer, Anita Buice or Administrative Assistant/Deputy Zoning Officer Kelsey Fortner should you have any questions. Our Zoning Ordinance is located online for you to view as well.