From Monroe County Board of Commissioners, 

Monroe County Emergency Management Agency,

and Monroe County Emergency Services: 


There was an electrical issue with the pump that fills the Smarr water tank. The water depleted causing the low pressure in the lines. As a precaution, a 

BOIL WATER ADVISORY is in effect for 24 hours for the following roads and areas near these roads that use county water: 

Montpelier Road

All subdivisions on Montpelier Road

Gose Road

Rumble Road

Ga. Highway 41 South

Rivoli Road

Chriswood Subdivision 

Pate Road

Stonefield Subdivision 

Shi Road

Maynards Mill Road 

If you have experienced low water pressure in and around these areas at any point Tuesday evening (July 25th), it is strongly advised that you follow the BOIL WATER ADVISORY. 

At full power, it takes 3 hours for the water tank to fill. Because it is currently being pumped manually, it takes 4-5 hours. Please be very conservative with water usage during this time. 

This advisory will remain in effect for 24 hours. 

If all water samples are clear of contamination, then the advisory will be lifted.