38 W. Main Street |Forsyth, Georgia| (478) 994-7020

The duties and responsibilities of the Tax Office are many and varied, but our main function is tho serve you, the citizens of our community.

The two main responsibilities of our office are to collect your property tax and sell car tags.  Please remember that your tax commissioner is not responsible for your property values or your tax rates.  Your tax commissioner is your collector.  State law requires that property tax bill be sent to the owner as of January 1st.  If you have sold property or bought property after January 1, please contact the tax office.

Your car tags are due no later than the day of your birthday, unless your birthday falls on the weekend or a holiday.  In this case, you must purchase your tag the next business day to avoid paying penalties.

The Voter Registration Office is also located in the Tax Office.  If you have questions regarding your voter registration, you may contact the registrar’s at the tax office.

Please feel free to contact this office if you have any questions not addressed here.

We are dedicated to efficient, personal service to all.